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लॉकडाउन कालावधी दरम्यान आपल्या सोसायटीच्या पुनर्विकासाची संभाव्यता अनलॉक करा.


पुनर्विकास प्रकल्पांमधील व्यावसायिकांच्या अत्यंत अनुभवी कार्यसंघाच्या

संपर्कात रहा व पुनर्विकास व्यवहार्यता शक्यता अहवाल मिळवा. व्यवहार्यता

अहवाल मर्यादित कालावधीसाठी केवळ रू .15000 / - करांचा समावेश आहे.



Vastu Siddhi & Associates

Whatsapp number  +91 9004700911

Pricing (inclusive of taxes)

Rs 15,000/- (Plots up to 2000 sqmts)

Rs 20,000/- (Plots from 2001 sqmts up to 4000 sqmts)

Rs 25,000/- (Plots from 4001 sqmts onwards)

- OR -

सोसायटी पुनर्विकास व्यवहार्यता अहवाल

  • Documents required to obtaining Feasibility Report
    Conveyance Deed / Lease Deed of the Plot. 7/12 extract and Index – II of the plot. Property register Card (PRC) of the plot. Latest City Survey plan of the plot. Society registration certificate. Approved plans by MCGM of the existing building. Occupation certificate by MCGM of the existing Building. Individual carpet areas of the flats and/ or shops. Development Plan (D.P) remarks. Latest Town Planning [T.P.] remark of the plot, if the plot is under Town Planning Scheme Survey remarks.
  • Importance of Feasibility Report
    The feasibility report is the first step to be undertaken while planning for a society redevelopment. The key parameters that make a feasibility report important are: Identifies the opportunity of redevelopment Estimates the additional area for members Proposes redevelopment alternatives Provides valuable information for go/no-go decision
  • Redevelopment Process / Stages
    The redevelopment process can be broadly classified into following stages Project Feasibility report. Appointment of Project management consultant. Tendering & Appointment of Developer (Skipped in Self-redevelopment case). Project Planning Construction Possession

Firm's Background

  • More than 15 years of Experience in Redevelopment.

  • Empanelled with MCGM.

  • COA Licensed Architects.

  • Member of PEATA.

  • Designed over 2 lac sqft of space.

  • Re-Accommodation of over 1000 families.

  • Completed over 35 projects in Mumbai city and suburbs.

  • 10 Ongoing Projects under redevelopment scheme.

  • Vast experience in Society redevelopment, Cess properties redevelopment & Slum redevelopment.

  • Completed High-rise and Environmental clearance projects.

  • Strong team having expertise in Designing, Liasioning, Project Management, Legal, Engineering, and, Project Funding.

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